Moisture Repellent

Moisture Repellent

  • Moisture Repellent P760 for Waterproof Mortar

    Moisture Repellent P760 for Waterproof Mortar

    ADHES® P760 Silicone Hydrophobic Powder is an encapsulated silane in powder form and it produced by spray-drying. It provides outstanding hydrophobized and water repellent properties on the surface and bulk of cementitious based building mortars.

    ADHES® P760 is used in cement mortar, waterproof mortar, joint material, sealing mortar, etc.Easy to mix in cement mortar production. The hydrophobicity is related to additive quantity, can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.

    No delay wettability after adding water, non entraining and retarding effect. No effects to the surface hardness, adhesion strength and compressive strength.

    It also works under alkaline conditions (PH 11-12).