Cellulose Fiber in Construction Admixtures

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ECOCELL® Cellulose fiber is made of natural wood fiber. Construction cellulose fiber can easily disperse in the thermal insulation material and form three dimensional space, and it can absorb 6-8 times than its own weight. This character of combination improves operating performance, anti-sliding performance of the material and speeds up the construction progress.

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Cellulose fiber is a sort of organic fiber material generated by the natural wood being chemically treated. Because of water absorbing character of fiber, it can play the role of retaining water during the drying or curing of the parent material and thus improve the maintenance environment of the parent material and optimize the physical indicators of the parent material. And it can enhance the support and durability of the system, can improve its stability, strength, density and uniformity.

gray cellulose fiber
Cellulose fiber for dry mortar

Technical Specification

Name Cellulose fiber construction grade
CAS NO. 9004-34-6
HS CODE 3912900000
Appearance Long fiber, White or Gray fiber
Cellulose content Approx 98.5 %
Average fiber length 200μm; 300μm; 500;
Average fiber thickness 20 μm
Bulk density >30g/l
Residue on ignition(850℃,4h) approx 1.5 %-10%
PH-value 5.0-7.5
Package 25(Kg/bag)


➢ Mortar

➢ Concrete

➢Tile adhesive

➢Road and bridge

tile adhesive

Main Performances

Ecocell® cellulose fibers are environment friendly products, gained from replenishable raw materials.

As fiber itself is three-dimensional structure, fibers are being used more and more for the improvement of product properties, can increase friction, used in sensitive safety products. Among other thins, they are used as thickeners, for fiber reinforcement, as an absorbent and diluent or as a carrier and filler in most manifold application fields. 

Storage and delivery

Store in a dry and cool place in its original package. After the package is opened for production, tight re-sealing must be taken as soon as possible to avoid ingress of moisture.

Package: 15kg/bag or 10kg/bag and 12.5kg/bag, it depends on the fibers model, multi-layer paper plastic composite bag with square bottom valve opening, with inner layer polyethylene film bag.

cellulose fiber

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