HEMC LH40M for C2 Tile Adhesive Long Open Time

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Hydroxyethylmethylcellulose (HEMC) is a water-soluble polymer commonly used as a thickener, gelling agent, and adhesive. It is obtained by chemical reaction of methyl cellulose and vinyl chloride alcohol. HEMC has good solubility and flowability, and is widely used in fields such as water-based coatings, building materials, textiles, personal care products, and food.

In water-based coatings, HEMC can play a role in thickening and viscosity control, improving the flowability and coating performance of the coating, making it easy to apply and apply. In building materials, HEMC is commonly used in products such as dry mixed mortar, cement mortar, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. It can increase its adhesion, improve flowability, and improve the water resistance and durability of the material.

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Product Description

Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose Ether LH40M is multifunctional additive for ready-mixes and dry-mix products. It is a high efficient water retention agent, thickener, stabilizer, adhesive, film-forming agent in building materials.


Technical Specification

Name Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose LH40M
HS code 3912390000
CAS No. 9032-42-2
Appearance White freely flowing powder
Bulk density 19~38(lb/ft 3) (0.5~0.7) (g/cm 3 )
Methyl content 19.0-24.0 (%)
Hydroxyethyl content 4.0-12.0 (%)
Gelling temperature 70-90 (℃)
Moisture content ≤5.0 (%)
PH value 5.0--9.0
Residue(Ash) ≤5.0 (%)
Viscosity (2% solution)  40,000(mPa.s, Brookfield 20rpm 20℃Solution)-10%,+20%
Package 25 (kg/bag)


➢ Mortar for insulation mortar

➢ Interior/exterior wall putty

➢ Gypsum Plaster

➢ Ceramic tile adhesive

➢ Common mortar

Construction additive-2

Main Performances

➢ Standard open time

➢ Standard slip resistance

➢ Standard water retention

➢ Sufficient tensile adhesion strength

➢ Excellent construction performance

Storage and delivery

Store in a dry and cool place in its original package. After the package is opened for production, tight re-sealing must be taken as soon as possible to avoid ingress of moisture;

Package: 25kg/bag, multi-layer paper plastic composite bag with square bottom valve opening, with inner layer polyethylene film bag.

 Shelf life

The warranty period is two years. Use it as early as possible under high temperature and humidity, so as not to increase the probability of caking.

 Product safety

Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose HEMC does not belong to hazardous material. Further information on safety aspects is given in Material Safety Data Sheet.

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