TA2180 Flexible type RDP for C2S2 Tile Adhesive

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ADHES® TA2180 is a re-dispersible polymer powder based on a terpolymer of vinyl acetate, ethyleneand acrylic acid. Suitable for cement, lime and gypsum based modifying Dry-mix mortar.

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ADHES® TA2180 is a re-dispersible polymer powder based on a terpolymer of vinyl acetate, ethyleneand acrylic acid. Suitable for cement, lime and gypsum based modifying Dry-mix mortar.

Redispersible Polymer Powder from Longou is a vital component in the construction industry, providing improved performance, excellent adhesion, flexible, durability, and water resistance to a wide range of dry powder materials. Its ability to create a strong and flexible film after water evaporation makes it an essential ingredient in many cement-based and gypsum-based products, providing excellent adhesion, weather resistance, and waterproofing properties.

redispersible polymerpowder

Technical Specification

Name Redispersible polymer powder TA2160
CAS NO. 24937-78-8
HS CODE 3905290000
Appearance White, freely flowing powder
Protective colloid Polyvinyl alcohol
Additives Mineral anti-caking agent
Residual moisture ≤ 1%
Bulk density 400-650(g/l)
Ash (burning under 1000℃) 12±2%
Lowest film forming temperature (℃) 0℃
Film property Low flexibility
pH Value 5-9(Aqueous solution containing 10% dispersion)
Security Non-toxic
Package 25(Kg/bag)


➢ C2 type Tile Adhesion

➢ C2S1 type Tile Adhesion

➢ C2S2 type Tile Adhesion

➢ Exterior flexible putty, Flexible thin layer of mortar

➢ Wear-resisting flooring, Concrete repair

Redispersible powder (2)

Main Performances

➢ Excellent redispersion performance

➢ Reduce water consumption

➢ Greatly improve the rheology and working properties of mortars

➢ Extended opening time

➢ Excellent bond strength

➢ Increase cohesive strength

➢ Improve wear resistance

Storage and delivery

Store in a dry and cool place in its original package. After the package is opened for production, tight re-sealing must be taken as soon as possible to avoid ingress of moisture.

Package: 25kg/bag, multi-layer paper plastic composite bag with square bottom valve opening, with inner layer polyethylene film bag.

 Shelf life

Please use it within 6 months, use it as early as possible under high temperature and humidity, so as not to increase the probability of caking.

 Product safety

ADHES ® Re-dispersible Polymer Powder belongs to non-toxic product.

We advise that all customers who use ADHES ® RDP and those who are in contact with us read Material Safety Data Sheet carefully. Our safety experts are happy to advise you on safety, health, and environmental issues.

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